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Switching to a Prepaid-only service is already a good value, but the absolute, rock-bottom lowest cost prepaid can be  surprising.  Would you believe prices start at FREE?

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Discount Refills:

Get Prepaid Wireless refills for all the top Prepaids from Mountain Prepaid, at discounts not available from the prepaid services themselves, AND in a greater variety of amounts! Save up to 10%...or more. Top up directly to your phone, refill with a PIN, or by email.

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Our Ratings are based on coverage, price, plan features and roaming capabilities. Our 1 to 4 scale, 4 being the best,  comes from our own experience, that of our regular contributors and other users.

(4 Out of 4 Stars)

(3 Out of 4 Stars)

(2 Out of 4 Stars)

(1 Out of 4 Stars)

  • Carriers that are not Rated are either too small to gather useful information or don't offer a better product than the above Rated carriers. Those Unrated Carriers are Listed Here.

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