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The Cheapest Prepaids
Bargain-basement Prepaid starts as low as $5! Here are examples of how low you can go.

    Tello plans start at $5/month.  Also, get 100 Min. Talk/ 250 Texts/ 200 Mb Data for just $9/month. Add or subtract features as needed for more savings. Get More Information About Tello.

    With a long-term purchase, Boost Mobile gets you Unlimited Talk & Text and at least 1Gb of Data for $8.33 per month.

    In the same price range, Twigby offers 300 Min. Talk/ Unlimited International Texts/ 200 Mb High Speed Data + Unlimited 2G Data for just $9/month.  Get More Details about Twigby.

    Their lowest-priced plan (Connect Plan) is only $10 per month (+taxes and fees) for 1,000 Talk minutes & Texts with 1Gb of data. The next step up is only $15 for Unlimited Talk & text and 3Gb of Data.

    Simple Mobile is a full-featured Prepaid with a really low price. Simple Mobile uses the T-Mobile network but should move to the Verizon network in the near future. You can get Unlimited Talk & Text and a few Gb of data for only $20 a month (+tax).
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