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Reviews for Smaller Prepaids
Brief Details About the Smallest Prepaid Providers
Listed alphabetically

Smaller prepaids, defined by subscriber numbers.  These services are listed for reference with very brief details and links. These companies appear on this list primarily because we believe they either do not provide services better than the major and non-major prepaids, or because they focus on a limited or specialty subscriber base.
  • SELECTEL WIRELESS -  Provides many products using the Verizon Wireless network
  • TELCEL - Primarily a Spanish-speaking service that uses the T-Mobile Network and roams in Mexico.
  • TELLO - Bargain Prepaid with plans starting at $5 using the Sprint network.
  • TEXTNOW - Combination of Wi-Fi and Cellular (on Sprint) including foreign Wi-Fi access.
  • TING - Uses the Sprint Network, GSM phones use T-Mobile and some roaming partners. Ting actually bills like a postpaid account but you pay only for what you use, like Prepaid.
  • TWIGBY - A value-oriented carrier offering plans with Data that start at $9/mo., $6.75 without, and uses the Sprint network. Twigby also includes calls to Canada, China and Mexico for no extra charge. Roaming on Verizon Wireless is included for Talk and Text when away from Sprint.
  • ULTRA MOBILE - Unlimited plans starting at $19 per month, free international calls. Uses the T-Mobile Network.
  • UNREAL MOBILE - Unlimited plans starting at $10 per month using VoIP on the AT&T or Sprint network.
  • US MOBILE - Uses the T-Mobile network and offers some of the lowest-priced pay-as-you-go plans.
  • WALMART FAMILY MOBILE - Uses the T-Mobile Network.  Made to be sold at Walmart stores and

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