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BEST of the Prepaids:
These reviews are based on comparing Data from the Prepaid carriers themselves, blended with the opinion of our expert reviewers to further distinguish among prepaids, for which we receive no compensation. If you use links on our web site, we may earn a fee.
Best Prepaid with Unlimited Data:

Visible Wireless
Visible offers Unlimited* Data for $40/month and gives you access to the entire Verizon wireless network. Their $25 plan gets you Unlimited Talk, Text, Data and Hotspot. Their Visible Plus $45 plan gets you FREE roaming in Canada and Mexico, International Calling and Text and something they call, "Premium Network Experience," which includes 5G Ultra Wideband. Taxes and fees are included in each plan and they give you a FREE tryout. Visible uses the Verizon network who is part owner of Visible.

Best Alternative:

Mint Mobile
Mint's Unlimited* plan is $40/month. Special intro pricing available. Mint requires a minimum 3-month payment and offers a bigger discount for longer periods. Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network who has agreed to acquire Mint Mobile.

Best Prepaid for the Average User (5Gb Data):

Boost Mobile
The average wireless customer uses 5Gb of Data and Boost Mobile offers a 5Gb plan for $15 (+ tax). What separates the Boost Mobile plans from others is the fact that they include coverage on any one of 3 different wireless networks. They also offer a $5 add-on for Roaming in Mexico. Boost Mobile is operated by Dish Wireless and gives you a unique choice of plans and good nationwide coverage. Customers with newer devices will use either the AT&T or T-Mobile networks and also operates on Dish's own 5G network as it expands across the country, but only with a compatible 5G phone. Boost supports eSIM's and currently offers money-saving introductory specials. boost is also available at Amazon.

Best Alternative:

US Mobile
US Mobile also has a $15 plan with 5Gb of Data, but coverage in the US is on your choice of either the T-Mobile or the Verizon networks, but not both. This price includes all Taxes & Fees. We also give them credit for Wi-Fi Calling, International Calling & Roaming and responsive customer service.

Best Prepaid with Roaming in Foreign Countries:

US Mobile
US Mobile offers international roaming in over 100 countries and is included in their $50 plan. You can switch among plans before and after your trip. They offer your choice of one of 2 nationwide US wireless networks, and offers Wi-Fi Calling and International Texting. US Mobile is also one of the few Prepaids that includes Taxes & Fees in their price.

Best Alternative:

Consumer Cellular
Consumer Cellular uses Wi-Fi Calling which can be Free in the US and most foreign countries. They also offer international roaming in over 100 countries on all plans but you'll have to pay a few cents for each Voice minute, Text or Mb of Data, the rate depending on country. Roaming in most countries incurs a charge as low as .02 per Minute/Text/Mb. We don't use our phones away from Wi-Fi much, so it keeps us from having to subscribe to a more expensive plan or add-on to get foreign roaming.

Best Low-Price Prepaid (1 GB Data):

Red Pocket
Red Pocket offers p
lans starting at $10 that include Unlimited Talk, Text and 1 Gb Data, but you still get Data after reaching that limit, at slower speeds. Wi-Fi Calling is available on some plans that help you further reduce your need for cellular Data. You also get your choice of one of the 3 largest US wireless networks. Some network choices get you more features for your money. They have low-priced plans for singles, families, businesses and Data-only, with greater savings for annual plans. Free Calling to 80 countries and Canada & Mexico Roaming are available.

Best Alternative:

Tello plans with Data can actually be less than $10 and you can customize your plan to exactly what you need, down to $5. You can bring your own phone but there is a limit of phones that are compatible. They use the T-Mobile network including 5G Coverage with a compatible phone. They offer Pay As You Go rates, and calls TO Canada and Mexico are included.

*About "Unlimited" Data:
Each carrier that offers "Unlimited" Data actually enforces some kind of Data limit to prevent abuse, anywhere from 25 to 60 Gb. If you exceed that limit, your Data availability is still Unlimited but is slowed to 2G speeds (about 128kb).

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