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Find the Right Prepaid Wireless in 3 Steps:

1) CHECK THE PRICE: The reason to switch to Prepaid is to save money. Look for the lowest price that includes the features you want. You can go dirt cheap by limiting either the Talk, Texts or Data you don't need.

2) CHECK FOR COVERAGE: You need a Prepaid that serves where you live, work and travel. If your full-price phone works best for you, look for a prepaid that uses the same network.

3) CHECK THE FEATURES: Some prepaids specialize in features like roaming outside the US, or FREE International Calls and Texts. Make sure you know what happens when you use up your allotment of Data: Does the service slow down or just stop? If you feel more confident with a major carrier (one of the Big 3), choose one of their prepaids that might give you a bit more confidence if not the lowest price.
Start by checking our expert opinion marked "Reviewer's Choice".Reviewer's Choice
Prepaid Wireless Reviews:


















Reviewer's Choice
Smaller Prepaids
Smaller Prepaids:
These 'secondary' prepaid services are listed alphabetically with brief details and links. They're listed separately because they either don't provide services better than the larger prepaids, or because they focus on a limited or specialty subscriber base. We call them "smaller"
based on their subscriber numbers. Some have very low prices.

Featured Prepaid
Featured Prepaid:
Tello is featured as our choice for best bargain-basement Prepaid. Use their handy online selector to get just the right amount of Talk, Text and/or Data you want, and cut your price to the bone. If the $5 plan doesn't work for you, maybe the $6 plan will. It's that flexible.

Smaller Prepaids
Regional Prepaids:
There are many independent cellular services operating in limited areas of the US that serve local customers, usually as part of a local wireless carrier. Some offer a great prepaid product, others not so much. We have information about these local prepaids to help you search in your area.

Roaming Prepaids
Prepaids that Roam Outside the US
Some US-based prepaid phones can roam in foreign countries. Most are limited to Mexico and Canada with a few that will work outside North America. In most cases, prepaid phones can use broadband and Wi-Fi  to complete voice calls and text messages outside the US.

Prepaid Ratings
What Network Do They Use?
Prepaid carriers use the same wireless networks as the Big 3 major carriers, usually at a lower price. It's your way to use, say, Verizon cell sites, without paying Verizon's prices. You can choose your favorite prepaid carrier and see what network they use, or you can choose the network and see what carriers operate on that network, for less. You get your phone, plan and customer service from these Prepaid companies instead of the underlying carrier. Some use more than one network and some allow you to choose your network.

Prepaid 5G
Reviewers' Choice
Our expert reviewers give their opinion on the pick of the Prepaids. Each pick has several outstanding features that place them above the others. We explain why that Prepaid was chosen as "The Best". We're not paid for these selections, we just recommend you include them on your list because they are the ones we have or would buy.

Prepaid Finder
Prepaid Price Chart
Comparison of the top Prepaid plans showing costs and inclusions. Find the exact plan for you by seeing the lowest-priced option for each carrier. Comparisons are for a single line with Unlimited Talk & Text.  Plans are priced $25 and under with at least 1Gb of Data, and 5G included.

Prepaid Finder
Prepaid Finder:
If you're looking for a Prepaid that uses a specific network, use this list. For example, if you want a Prepaid plan that uses the AT&T Network, consult the list of Prepaid carriers that use AT&T.  Also, you can check the list of Prepaids that use more than one network. Find prices and reviews for each Prepaid by clicking on their name.

Prepaid Toolbox
Prepaid Toolbox:
Things to look for, gotcha's, shortcuts and resources for Prepaid Wireless. Find ways to make your wireless fit your life instead of the other way around. Look for online Prepaid stores, Pro's & Con's, different ways to Refill and the difference among carriers.

Prepaid List
What Prepaids Made Our List?
Much thought has been put into which carriers are shown on our list of Prepaids.  The largest Prepaid carriers are obvious: they have millions of customers and provide reliable service.  Other smaller carriers have proven themselves just by staying in business for a long time and how they handle complaints. Others provide a unique product such as "Wi-Fi First", and carriers that appeal to a specific group of users.  To get expert reviews of these prepaid services, read the Mountain Prepaid Reviews.

Prepaid Coverage Maps
Prepaid Coverage Maps:
In addition to maps that show general coverage for Prepaids that use the same network, we also have specific pages showing coverage for the most popular prepaids.  Visit the Maps List and look for your favorite carrier, or check the Prepaid Maps page.

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