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is to help you switch from an expensive contract cellular plan to one that allows you to Pay As You Go or one month at a time, at significant savings to your old plan. Prepaid can also be considered "Pay As You Go", "No Contract" or "Monthly Subscription" service. Prepaid is also the most common way to pay for wireless outside the US. If you shop for your Prepaid phones online, we encourage you to use the Links to our affiliated cellular retailers. In virtually all offers, you get the best online deals available anywhere. We also sell Prepaid Refills at discounts you can't get from the prepaid carriers themselves, and in denominations not available elsewhere. Shopping for phones and services through our Links and related sites helps us pay the costs of running these web pages. We hope you find these resources helpful, and if so, you'll tell your friends, in person and online.

Mountain Prepaid is part of the Mountain Wireless cellular networks which feature several web sites dedicated to various specialized interests in wireless service.


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