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Prepaid Price Chart

Comparison of the Top budget Prepaid wireless plans showing costs and features. The average wireless customer uses 5 to 8Gb of Data per month, so we compare Prepaid plans with 5 Gb or more for $25 per month or less.  Most plans require Auto-RefillIntroductory offers and additional discounts are available. Carriers are listed alphabetically. Updated August, 2023.

All Plans Include:
► Unlimited Talk & Text
► High Speed Data of 5Gb or more
► Maximum Price $25/month
► Slows to 2G if your Data is used up
► 5G Coverage where available
► Nationwide coverage
► Auto-Pay required or available
► Keep your number
► NO contract

Prepaid Carrier
Per Month
Data Included
A, D, T
A, D, T
A, T, V
A, T
T, V
T, V
T, V
*  Taxes and Fees are included
** With a 3-month payment


A - AT&T
D - Dish Wireless
T - T-Mobile
V - Verizon

Are there any Gotchas?

What About Cheaper Plans?
Our old price chart reviewed plans with at least 1Gb of data and here are the best of those plans based on which network of the Big 3 you want, all with 1Gb of High Speed Data:

Cheapest low-cost Prepaid that uses the AT&T network, $10 per month (+ tax): Red Pocket.
Cheapest low-cost Prepaid that uses the T-Mobile network, $10 per month (+ tax)Tello.
Cheapest low-cost Prepaid that uses the Verizon network, $15 per month (+ tax): Twigby

Prepaid Ratings
What Network Do They Use?
Prepaid carriers use the same wireless networks as the Big 3 major carriers, but at a lower price. It's your way to use, say, Verizon cell sites, without paying Verizon's prices. You can choose your favorite Prepaid carrier and see what network they use, or you can choose the network and see what carriers operate on that network, for less. You get your phone, plan and customer service from these Prepaid companies instead of the underlying carrier. Some use more than one network and some allow you to choose your network. Some prepaid carriers cap your Data amount and when you exceed that amount, your internet and email just stop working unless you purchase more Data.

What is Dish Wireless?  Dish has their own 5G wireless network now operating in many cities across the US. If you lose the Dish Wireless signal, your phone will access one of their roaming partners, AT&T or T-Mobile.

Slowed Data
What is "Slowed Data"?
Your Prepaid plan comes with a certain amount of Data each month and when you use up that Data, your download speed is reduced to "2G" speeds (128 kb) until the end of your billing month. With slowed Data you can normally purchase additional High-Speed Data that gets you through to the end of your billing month, however many wireless users don't notice the difference.

Additional Ways to Save:
► Most of the carriers shown in the chart also have cheaper plans if you can use a little less than 5Gb of Data.
► There is a wide variety of 'introductory' offers with free service, phone discounts, FREE SIM's, or bonus features.
► Turn on Wi-Fi and your phone will use less Cellular Data.
► Look for savings with plans that are paid for more than one month at a time.
► Some Prepaids have savings for "Family" or Shared Data plans.
Taxes are determined locally and could be as high as 40%. If yours is too high, choose a Prepaid with "Taxes & Fees Included."
► Check for "Auto-Pay" discounts.
► Some Prepaids offer even lower prices than listed here for plans with less or no Data, Data-Only, or a limited amount of Talk & Text.

Fine Print?
Are There Any Gotchas?
If you're looking for gotchas, ya know like 'fine print', this is where to look. In the fast-changing wireless world we can't guarantee the accuracy of the information on our list, but we aim for perfection. Some of the prices may look different from what you've seen elsewhere, but we show the "regular" price. There are plans that could be FREE for the first 6 months, but we're here to keep it real. The prices we show are for an individual plan and you may get a discount for every additional line. Our list is by no means comprehensive but we have included (or excluded) many wireless providers based on our extensive research. We have an affiliate relationship with some of these providers and may receive a commission if you buy from them, but they do not influence what we say or include about them. See, that print isn't too fine, right?
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