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Making Prepaid Palatable with Auto-Refill
One of our biggest objections to Prepaid was the cumbersome payment cycle required by prepaid refills. You didn't pay the bill once a month like the electric bill, you paid at or near an exact payment date or you lost your account value, and your service, if you were one day late.  If you paid too soon you could lose some of the time you already paid for, increasing your total cost.  These types of payments still exist but now most Prepaid operators offer some form of "Auto-Refill", or "Auto-Pay", where your monthly payment is automatically deducted from a credit card, debit card or checking account.

The upside with Auto-Refill is that it becomes easier to pay than the electric bill because the payment is made without any hassle.  In most cases you get an Text or email that the charge to your card or checking account is being made, but no action is required on your part. Having an associated account also makes it easy to change features or add-ons to your account.
The downside includes the challenge of stopping Auto-Refill.  Some carriers don't make it easy by making you go through a menu of choices before you find a way to cancel the process.  Additionally, credit cards have expiration dates that can interrupt the Auto-Refill process and you can suddenly find yourself with no wireless service.

Some carriers are better than others in making the Auto-Refill function consumer-friendly.  There are carriers that offer a discount when you sign up for Auto-Refill.   In some cases you can enter a second credit card number or an alternative notification method.  Most carriers offer both online and app access to your account.  Several will notify you long before there is a problem including an upcoming credit card expiration date.  Since Auto-Refill is an automated process, you may want to consider a Prepaid service that includes a convenient way to correct any inevitable problems.  Our advice sometimes includes backing away and allowing for the fact that something will cause your account to be charged a slightly different amount, and it may cause less trouble to grin and bear it than pressing the issue to get back a few dollars.

Keep in mind that if you choose not to use Auto-Refill or need to replenish your account between refills, Mountain Prepaid offers Discount Wireless Refills which can be applied automatically or with a PIN, normally saving you even more than retail refills, and we offer refills in more denominations than the carriers themselves to better match your Prepaid usage.

The Cheapest Prepaids
Bargain-basement Prepaid starts as low as FREE! Here are examples of how low it can go.
    FreedomPop gives you a certain number of Talk minutes, Text and Data for FREE!  The idea is that you'll like their service enough to add some of their low-priced features after you sign up. Even after adding features, your monthly price can be super low. Learn more about FreedomPop.

    Unreal Mobile offers plans starting at $10 that include Unlimited Talk & Text and 1Gb of Data. They also offer a 2 week trial period and Data drops to 2G at the end of your allotment. Both CDMA and GSM phones are supported.  Learn more about Unreal Mobile.

    Tello plans start at $5/month.  Get 100 Min. Talk/ 250 Texts/ 200 Mb Data for just $9/month. Add or subtract features as needed for more savings. Get More Information About Tello.

    In the same price range, Twigby offers 300 Min. Talk/ Unlimited International Texts/ 200 Mb High Speed Data + Unlimited 2G Data for just $9/month.  Get More Details about Twigby.

    Talk a lot?  Gen Mobile offers Unlimited Talk and International Text for $10/month.  Plans start at $5.

The Different Types of Prepaid "Carriers"
  • Prepaid Provided by the Major Carriers
    You deal with the major carrier's stores and customer service and you are normally limited to their own network. We review the Prepaid services of the major carriers on our Primary Prepaids Page.

  • Prepaid Provided by Companies NOT Affiliated with a Major Carrier
    These companies have no network of their own and re-sell access to one or more of the networks of the major carriers. Customer Service ranges from good telephone support to online-only support. There are few or no stores related to these carriers but there is a large number of retail outlets for their own phones, refills or SIM's.
    These 'resellers' provide access to one major wireless network, all US wireless networks, or one primary network with access to other networks at a per-use charge.  We review the Prepaid services of the non-major carriers on our Secondary Prepaids Page.  

  • All Prepaid Carriers Listed Here Have Nationwide Coverage
    While there isn't a clear definition of "nationwide" coverage, the Prepaid carriers reviewed here provide service across the entire national footprint of their associated wireless networks. There is also a number of Regional Prepaid Carriers, some of which that offer 'nationwide' coverage but, more likely, limit Prepaid users to their own network.  In return, these regional carriers normally permit 'Unlimited' access to their own network.
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