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Prepaid Wireless Reviews & Ratings
Searching for the Best Prepaid? Start your search with our expert reviews. These are the most popular prepaids, listed alphabetically.  Ratings are shown with each review and are explained, below.  Also, see Smaller Prepaids.

Prepaid Reviews:

Discount Refills
Discount Refills:
Get Prepaid Wireless refills for all the top Prepaids from Mountain Prepaid, at discounts not available from the prepaid services themselves, AND in a greater variety of amounts! Save up to 10%...or more. Top up directly to your phone, refill with a PIN, or by email.

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There are dozens of other small prepaid services 
worthy of consideration, some specialize in specific types of calls, features and customers. We list them with brief descriptions and reference links on our Smaller Prepaids list.

 Our Ratings: We rate each service based on Coverage, Price, Roaming, Customer Support and Features, 1 to 4 stars, 4 stars being the best.

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